14 Hair Struggles That Every Girl Understands

Bad hair days are the worst! Unfortunately, sometimes these days turn into weeks or months and your hair just does it’s own thing every day.



I wonder how is it possible that there’s still hair on my head.

Rainy days always ruin my good hair day immediately.

Ponytail expectations vs. reality

How you feel while blow-drying your hair.

When the haircut doesn’t turn out quite as you imagined.


Just a few minutes in the bathroom can make a huge damage.

Growing out your hair can be a real struggle

How you think you look with long hair vs. how you actually look

When you have a pony all day and your hair gets used to it.


Windblown look expectations vs. reality

How you look in the mirror and in reality

Stages of fresh hair

New hair ties take a long time to get used to.

I wonder how certain people can look good with a middle parting.

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