14 Stars That Are Surprisingly Short

We know that the cameras usually add some pounds but do they also add some extra inches? You might be surprised when you see these celebrities in real life! They are so tiny and adorable!



Kourtney Kardashian — 5’1″


Hilary Duff — 5’2″


Emilia Clarke — 5’2″



Danny DeVito — 4’10″


Eva Longoria — 5′2″


Nicki Minaj — 5′2″



Ariana Grande — 5′0″


Frankie Muniz — 5′5″


Sarah Hyland — 5′2″


Cardi B — 5′3″



Kevin Hart — 5′4″


Ariel Winter — 5′1″


Hayden Panettiere — 5′0″


Kristin Chenoweth — 4′11″

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