15 actors in their first and latest roles – look how much they changed

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When you look at your favourite actors it seems that they didn’t changed much over the years. But in reality they do. You look at Keanu Reeves or Salma Hayek, and you realize that after many many years they changed. We collected pictures about 15 actors, about how did they looked like in their first roles, and how do they look like now.


Keanu Reeves – Youngblood /1986/ and John Wick: Chapter 3 /2019/

Kate Beckinsale – Devices and Desires /1991/ and The Widows /2019/

Jared Leto – Camp Wilder /1992-1993/ and The Outside /2017/


Ryan Gosling – Goosebumbs /1995-1998/ and First Man /2018/


Tom Hiddleston – Casualty /1986/ and Avengers: Endgame /2019/

Charlize Theron – 2 Days in the Valley /1996/ and Long Shot /2019/

Liam Neeson – Excalibur /1981/ and Men In Black International /2019/


Elizabeth Hurley – Aria /1987/ and Runaways /2017/

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