16 Celebrity Women Who Don’t Care About Their Partner’s height

When the girlfriend is taller than her boyfriend it looks very unusual. But actually a lot of celebrities live just like this and chances are you didn’t even realize that. Until now.



Joe Jonas (5’7’’) and Sophie Turner (5’9’’)

Daniel Radcliffe (5’5’’) and Erin Darke (5’7’’)

Kevin Hart (5’4’’) and Eniko Hart (5’7’’)

James Conran (5’8’’) and Coco Rocha (5’10’’)

Tom Cruise (5’8’’) and Katie Holmes (5’9’’)


Michael J. Fox (5’4’’) and Tracy Pollan (5’6’’)

Keith Urban (5’10’’) and Nicole Kidman (5’11’’)

Benji Madden (5’5’’) and Cameron Diaz (5’9’’)

Danny DeVito (4’8’’) and Rhea Perlman (4’9’’)


Pharrell Williams (5’9’’) and Helen Lasichanh (5’11’’)

Jamie Mazur (5’8’’) and Alessandra Ambrosio (5’9’’)

Mark Walhberg (5’8’’) and Rhea Durham (5’9’’)

Sean Penn (5’8’’) and Charlize Theron (5’9’’)

Seth Green (5’4’’) and Clare Grant (5’7’’)

Ethan Hawke (5’10’’) and Uma Thurman (5’11’’)


Peter Dinklage (4’4’’) and Erica Schmidt (5’6’’)

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