16 Internet Users Share Their Most Useful Cooking Tips

Cooking is an art. You have to practice it a lot to get good at it. But you can do small tweaks that will make the job much easier! Some internet users shared their most useful cooking tips to help other people make cooking easier.



Freeze a batch of tomato paste balls, so you have it handy anytime you need it.


Sprinkle a little bit of brown sugar onto your french toast to get that nice golden look.

Freeze your herbs with olive oil and use them all year round. Fresh herbs in winter? Easy.

Crushed edamame instead of bread crumbs for crispyness with more protein and nutrients.


This is how I freeze minced garlic.

Vegetable peeler works just as good as a cheese grater.

Freeze your meals with a hole in the center to make defrosting easier.

Want to make perfect fried eggs? Onion rings.

Frozen bacon is easier to chop into small pieces.


Improvised ’scum skimmer

Using just the peel of citrus fruit adds a nice flavour and you can use the juice to make lemonade.

Spice up your frozen pizza with meatballs.

Try cooking your salmon in a slow cooker.

The key to making perfect bacon is putting it in the microwave (30-45 seconds per strip) covered in a paper towel. Finish on the stovetop to crisp.

Apple corer works well on other fruit and vegetables as well.


Try this breakfast prep. Frozen yogurt with fruit.

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