17 “Before and After” Pictures That Made Us Believe Drastic Changes Are Possible

Sometimes, the before and after difference is so significant that people even take photos and post them on the internet. And the comments only prove that haircuts, workouts, time, and a lot of care can change anyone.



The groomer changed my dog completely!

10 years glow up

1 year and 4 months apart.

This rescued cat after one month .

Shoe that’s on the longboard vs Shoe that does all the pushing


31 days progress

I’m finally proud of my tattoo

Brothers 10 years apart.

Same boot, same dog, 3 years later.


Got a new ID.

11 vs 28.

Turned out perfect!

From 326 lbs to 162 lbs

8 years of friendship

Before it was a house, now it’s a home.


Visual change in my dad because of Vietnam

Found this poor little guy, but fortunately now he looks much better.

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