17 unusual discoveries about ordinary things that will blow your mind

The world is a crazy place. Even the most ordinary, boring, everyday stuff can turn out to have a weird backstory—or do something you had no idea it could. It turns out, when you dig a little deeper, things that you’ve taken for granted or that seem perfectly normal can surprise you. With that in mind, here are 20 weird little facts you’ll likely be surprised to learn.


This is an emu egg

Plastic bottle before and after expansion

A baby platypus


Sponge Bob has 40 holes on his body:

  • Twelve front holes (five are normally covered by his clothing)
  • Nine back holes
  • Five holes on his left
  • Five holes on his right
  • Five holes on top
  • Four holes on bottom


Most staplers have a little storage to store the additional staples

Peppa pig is terrifying – he is 2.16 m tall

The Japanese ¥1 coin is so light that it won’t even break the surface tension on water


Clear pomegranate seed

Globe made for the blind

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