18 cool teacher who totally deserve some prize for their work

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Probably everyone had at least one teacher, who till the last day of his life will remember for some reason. We found 18 awesome teachers, who inspire their student, teach them to be more creative, and do everything for them. They have a big responsibility, to teach the next generations to be a better one.


This is the Gentleman’s Club for kids without fathers. They will learn how to shake hands, make eye contact and more.

The art teacher, who proves he can make art out of anything.

Once, these two made a fun photo..


.. since then it’s a tradition for them.


Demonstrating the reciprocals.

40 years of school photos in the same outfit.

They changed the first lesson time from 9 to 7, and he is protesting with teaching in pyjamas.


He shows how to put on a sock, because he is not allowed to give lectures about sexual health.

The famous Magnum photo shoot.


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