18 Kings of Laziness Who Need New Batteries

Some people have just broken the record for lasting the longest in energy-saving mode. Don’t mention the gym to people like this, they won’t even put any effort into the easiest everyday duties.


Took my child for a walk.

My husband is the king of lazyness.

Yes, I’m a postman, but the dwellers could arrange the letters themselves.


So I started to make the small ones but lost my patience.


The car can actually charge itself

When she says : “Let’s go for a walk”

Close enough


My family got me a Birthday cake.

Lazy fundraising alternatives


That’xs enough

Look how many lazy people in one place!


When you’re too lazy to stand up for the remote.

I can stay like this the whole day.

The dog has to go for walks, but I don’t.

Good job hiding the package.


Watering the lawn

How my husband makes potato salad.

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