18 People who went the extra mile for their pets

Our pets are always considered a part of our families — they’re around us all the time, sharing countless moments of joy and sorrow. In fact, 44% of millennials see their pets as their “starter children” before they have real ones. So it’s no wonder that we’re ready to do anything to make our little family members feel safe and happy. I think you will like this post.

“I think he likes his present.”

When both of you hate rain, but it’s time to pee anyway:

“My bunny was born without ears so I made him some.”

“My senior dog has a hard time climbing stairs, so I made some extra steps for him.”

“My dog is a rescue, so we don’t really know when his birthday is other than that it’s in May, and so is my dad’s. Here they are celebrating their birthdays together.”

“There’s a thunderstorm outside, but the good news is that my headphones fit Bella perfectly.”

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