18 Pets That Have Enough Love for the Entire World

Animals often have the same emotions as humans — from empathy and love to hate and fear. But they experience them in a much brighter way than we do. They don’t abandon those that need help and they show empathy to strangers.


Kelsey, a golden retriever saved the life of her freezing owner who broke his neck in a fall.

This female parrot lost its feathers but one of the males fell in love with her anyway.

Eversince I got pregnat I can’t get rid of him.


This kitten was crying outside my house so I brought her in and my cat is taking care of her.


My son got sick and our dog wouldn’t let go of him.

I was bathing the little cat and it was screaming. The older cat that hates water jumped in and tried to pull him out. And they say that animals can’t love…

Cats and dogs can be friends.


He’s afraid of car rides so his brother hugs him until they fall asleep.

He follows me everywhere.


My 12-year-old cat licking my 11-year-old dog for the first time.

A mother’s love.



My cat follows me to the gym and waits outside.

Every morning at 4:30 it’s cuddle time!

My cat holds my hand when I’m feeling down.


My dog started producing milk for a motherless kitten I adopted.

Caught them cuddling.

This pelican made friends with a homeless dog.

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