19 Famous Men Who Age Like Good Wine

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Some men are out there making us believe that they can control the aging process of their bodies and are only getting hotter and better, like fine wine. From Zac Efron to Keanu Reeves, older men who don’t look their age at all are stealing hearts and making ours skip a beat.


Zac Efron — 32 years old

Keanu Reeves — 55 years old

Jeff Goldblum — 67 years old

Paul Rudd — 50 years old

Dermot Mulroney — 55 years old

Matthew McConaughey — 49 years old

Cary Elwes — 57 years old

Brad Pitt — 55 years old

Dylan McDermott — 58 years old

Tom Cruise — 57 years old

Jensen Ackles — 41 years old

Johnny Depp — 56 years old

Hugh Jackman — 51 years old

David Beckham — 44 years old

Tom Hardy — 42 years old

Jason Momoa — 40 years old

Christian Bale — 45 years old

Mads Mikkelsen — 53 years old

Arnold Schwarzenegger — 72 years old

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