19 Ordinary Things That Got an Unforeseen Upgrade

Even ordinary things like milk cartons, bubble wrap, or flyswatters can amaze people. But only, of course, if they were made by extraordinary people, whose imagination doesn’t have any limits.


To know how if it’s time to buy new one

The National Geographic Gallery uses its logo as its door handle.

Radiator and pie warmer 2 in 1


I made a large (10” tall) fully functional (Bluetooth) AirPod.


A trailer made from an airplane

A saw-shaped cane

Heart shaped bubble wrap for Valentine’s day


An edible spoon.

The bike rack at a dog park


A pencil case that looks like a burrito.

A ball shaped fanta bottle


A knotted clock

These door handles match the professions of the workers in the buildings.

Mini pallets under these sticky notes.

Unique pedestrian crossings


This fly swatter that gives the fly a chance

Star wars themed snowflakes

Maze on the ceiling.

Take a seat.

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