19 People Who Didn’t Want “Those Pets in the House” but Now Can’t Spend a Day Without Them

Let’s be honest, we all know someone like that. First, they say they’ll never allow a dog in their house, and then you find them putting their doggo in the bed to make them feel cozy and warm.


My dad and the dog he didn’t wanted.

“We don’t need more pets”

My BF bought me a pug puppy even though he didn’t want a dog.


24 hours after Minnie came into the house and hypnotized my BF.


My wife wanted a dog.

My stepdad and Oscar.

My mom and our dog.


My dad and our dog.

At first he kicked him out . 2 years later :


He didn’t like cats.

“If you get another dog, I’m moving out!


My dad and our cat.

How my dad takes care of our dog every night.

He didn’t want a dog.

“Okay, but he’s not allowed on the furniture.”


My dad teaching our cat to high five.

“No more dogs! ” next minute:

My dad brushing our cat.

The purest love is the one between grumpy dads and the pets they said they didn’t want.

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