19 People Who’ve Made the Biggest Mistakes in Their Lives

The average person makes thousands of decisions a day. So it’s fair to say that a big number of them can be the wrong ones. Some of them might be small things such as a wrong answer on one of those online quizzes, but others might be big mistakes that we end up regretting.


The moment you realize you need new friends

How not to land.

Maybe I should’ve checked the bicycle before going out.


I’m so stupid.


Good morning, have a nice Monday!

Hey there!

Tactical positioning is key.


When there is no sign that there’s a hill.

My cat knows how to make me go crazy.


“Play baseball with your son,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said.

Guess who ruined the wedding?


Don’t bring your phone to the zoo.

Moments before the disaster.

Not this kid’s best day, that’s for sure.

Don’t read the signs — get stuck.


They told me to move my car but I ignored them.

Guess who’s getting fired?

This hurts

Read. The. Label.


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