18 Photos That Prove You Don’t Need Much to Enjoy This Life

It’s easy to get caught up in your problems and wish you could go on vacation to a faraway place from time to time. But sometimes the key to unwinding and being truly happy is hiding right next to you in the most ordinary places and gestures.


My daugther seeing a ballerina for the first time ever.

My dogs reaction to a head massager.

My dogs birthday.


My son’s reaction to fireworks


This turtle with it’s lettuce hat.

My nephew when I was spinning him around

Set my GoPro up next to some crumbled cheese in my garden..


My daughter’s reaction to the sun shining

FaceTiming my dog.


I love ducks…just trickle some water in their pool and they’re deliriously happy

All he needs is a ball


Having a sleepover

My son after a good bath.

Sometimes a cheeseburger is really all you need.

My son thinks he’s the prince.


After a long long walk.

My 74-year-old grandpa on a roller coaster

Who knew a dog would enjoy having its fur shaved this much?

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