19 Photos That Show Family Life Is No Joke

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Family isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, but you can have the time of your life trolling your significant other or your kids once in a while. Whether you’re making only your half of the bed, or you’re even bringing your car inside the house, you’ll definitely be nailing family life with a little humor.


Husband said he was going to make a bed frame. Not for me. For our cat.

But I get yelled at if I leave the toilet seat up…

These struggles

“I broke the toilet seat. This is how I told my wife…”

My wife forgot to leave the car seat for me to take our son to the babysitter’s house. This is the picture I sent when she asked how I was going to get him there.

My wife was angry at me in the morning so he just made her side of the bed.

The expression of our kids when they realize that the rest of the kids ate all of the donuts while they were playing at the playground.

I think my husband’s going to realize I borrowed one of his extension cords.

Family nap

My daughter’s solution when her piggy bank deposit slot wasn’t wide enough to put rolled money into.

My dad is a huge Golden State fan.This is what my husband woke up to this morning after a Raptors win

My husband, Ian, insisted that our new puppy Nala get her own stocking. Now I know why.

My daughter was sad the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster so I told her to cut it in half…

Delivery room from two perspectives.

How our son decorated our freshly painted walls

My wife trapped a bee in her cup holder.

How my daugter makes more money

When you don’t want to be on a diet.

She’s supposed to be in bed now so she decided to play hide and seek.

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