20+ awesome photos that show the true power of friendships

Finding a true friend is not easy. But it’s worth. True friendship boosts our health and increases the levels of happiness. Even more than a family relations. Inspiring examples can be found around the world, an just among people. We collected more than 20 pictures to prove this,


He’s been carrying his disabled friend to school on his back.

Age doesn’t matter.

He ‘took’ his friend to the game.


He couldn’t go to the trip, but his friends came up with a solution.


This zoologist is treated as one of the pack.

Different type of bridesmaids, because she doesn’t really have any real girlfriend.

Never leave them behind…


… or alone.

Baby racoon and a dog are best friends.


A cat supporting it’s buddy.

Unique, but real friends.


Rice can bring people together.

Group photo through the years.

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