20 famous characters, who almost have been played by a different actor

Matthew McConaughey didn’t wanted to play in Titanic, because he thought the movie would fail. After this, the producers wanted Macaulay Culkin for playing Jack, but James Cameron was against that. This is how DiCaprio ended up in the movie. This is no the only one situation, where for one character they were more than one candidates. We collect more examples, to imagine what would have happened in famous roles but with different actors.

Emma Watson and Miles Teller – Mia and Sebastian, La La Land

Macaulay Culkin – Jack, Titanic

Molly Ringwald – Vivian Ward, Pretty Woman


David Schwimmer – Jay, Man in Black

Pamela Anderson – Scully, The X-Files


Eminem – Max Da Costa, Elysium

Anne Hathaway – Tiffany, Silver Linings Playbook


Mel Gibson – James Bond

Salma Hayek – Betty Suarez, Ugly Betty

Ryan Gosling – Joker, Suicide Squad


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