20 frustrating designs you won’t believe are real

Sad and useless – these are first two world come in to my mind after seeing these pictures. Designers sure don’t have an easy job. They need to create innovative and useful stuff, but sometimes these just doesn’t seem to work out. Design should be unnoticeable. It’s supposed to be simple and unobtrusive, to showcase a product without advertising its packaging. What it’s not supposed to do is embarrass – or even worse – offend. We collected 20 examples, that probably shouldn’t even exist in a normal world.


V, is not for Victory in this case.

Same series, same company, same writer and yet, this happened..

He didn’t had time for finishing this properly.


The X marks the spot.

Who uses this door?

Ohh, c’mon..

Not being able to see the person who you are eating dinner with.


Same, but different.

Woof woof.


At least they have trash cans.

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