20 nostalgic pictures, that will warm your heart

With time passing, everything changes. Even the things you thought were granted while you were a little kid. Some of these pictures and items may no longer be relevant today, but believe me, you will recognise all of them. The old fashion styles, the grandma’s sewing machine, the old phones – all of these will get you flashbacks when you see them again.


Let’s bet, your grandma had one of these too, right?

Today you can only found sewing and knitting stuff in these.

Polly Pockets were really popular.


That moment, when you found the name of someone who you knew on the library cards.


TMNT Let’s GO! This was precious for everyone who owned one of these.

Family games were popular too.

The old school TV cabinets were something else..


We thought 3D movies are some kind of magic.

Did you recognise everyone?


Your sister used to hog the phone, right?

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