20 unexpected things people saw on planes

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Bizarre and funny people are everywhere. But there is a bigger chance to find them on public transport. That’s a fact. Someone travelling with some unexpected stuff, or doing things like that, or the ones who doesn’t care about others private space. It’s a lot harder to deal with them while you are flying. We collected some situations, where people shared their experiences good or bad, what happened onboard a plane.


Prince of Saudi Arabia and his hawks on a plane. Nothing really special, right?

All of us is a monster at a little.

Introvert spotted.

I hope this is a Toy Story plane, and not a Chucky or Annabelle one.

At least he’s not at the controls.

Let The Hunger Games begin!

A really personal item, i guess.

He is on the rascal list.

But you can find good boys too.

Ooh no, that’s Hurley from Lost.

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