21 modern day Cinderella stories about people finding love when they didn’t expected

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We all have seen a lot of movies, or read many books about unexpected love and relationships. In an online game, social media or at a concert – love can find you anywhere. At the most unusual places too.


“My mother lost touch with her then-boyfriend 30 years ago. Now, they found each other on LinkedIn, and they finally got married.”

They met on World Of Warcraft, and here are the Hearts of Azeroths for their wedding.

It’s never too late.


“On our first date, i rambled about penguins. When a penguin meets their pair, they give a pebble as a gift, and they will be together for life. Today, for our anniversary, my GF gave me a pebble.”


“We met on Tinder three years ago.”

They discovered that they both appeared in the same photo, now they are married.

“We met nine years ago, life happened – he battled through drug addiction, jail and rehab. Me, extreme anxiety, depression and two really toxic relationships. This year we reconnected, and we never been this happy before.”


“We met here playing Pokémon GO, and we will be married.”

“Four years ago, a glitch on Facebook logged me into an account of woman I’d never met. We were married this June.”


“My boyfriend an I both took pictures from the same angle at the same concert… Three years before we met each other.”

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