22 Photos That Prove Even Century-Old Dirt Can Be Cleaned Off If You Really Put Your Mind to It

According to a survey done by the American Cleaning Institute, 33% of people admit that they don’t clean up very often, 41% of the respondents couldn’t remember when the last time was that they cleaned up their fridges. But the people from our article are nothing like that: they are ready to take on even the most hopeless cases.


Boiled in vinegar and lemon juice and scrubbed with a sponge…

Cleaned after 15 years

Results of cleaning and polishing an old purse


This building in Budapest that was only washed on one side


Cleaned playroom

Didn’t know there is a pattern underneath that dirt.

Cleaned oven


These old pavers cleaned

Beating depression


Cleaning my tub

Cleaned and repainted my very tired sneakers


Power washing is awesome.

Just some dusting

Before and after descaling an espresso machine boiler that was hooked up to city tap water for years

Backyard clense


Cleaned and piloshed razor

10 year old keyboard before and after cleaning

Smoker before/after. Paid 20 bucks for it, then spent a month making it pretty.

Cleaning an old hammock

Finally I can breathe in my closet

Didn’t know it was green

This frying pan survived a fire and then it spent a long time outside in the rain. My friend told me I wouldn’t be able save it.

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