23 people, who use humour to don’t let their relationship become a routine

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Being in a relationship is fantastic. Love someone who loves you back, trust someone who does the same. There is one more thing, what can make your marriage or relationship better – humour. It can help you in arguments, but be safe no to joke around too much.


This is what happens, when your husband buys the new shower curtain.

Or this, when the wife is pretty.

Their new door mat.


His wife wanted a dog, but he didn’t. Let me introduce to you Copper. This is how marriage works.


His wife made this sandwich, while looking over to their kids.

Romantic bath for his girlfriend.

“If you share this, you are dead.” – I hope the man is doing Ok.


They run out of coffee.

He stopped to buy snack, but than eat them by himself. The face of regret.


Advent calender – husband edition.

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