25 hilarious dads who are trying to earn the #1 spot

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We need to admit, that dad’s sense of humour is rather special and different. They are relentless, and silly, but we love them. At least some of us. Maybe just the dads. I don’t know actually.


The perfect way to celebrate the Father’s Day.

“Special forces are ready to help with the reconstructions – my dad sent me this.”

After years and years of battles of changing his 3310, he finally did it, than he ordered this case..


When you want to make some money with your kid.


His fist GF punched him in the eye, and his dad captured the day on that happened.

“Ha-ha, really funny dad, can we start now?”

Conor McGregor with his newborn.


The good thing about being a little person is that you can get a ride from your daughter and her Barbie Jeep if you had too much drinks.

He hates cats. His wife doesn’t. This is how marriage works kids.


He made that tie, when he was in 1st grade, and now on his graduation his father proudly wears it.

He started to learn picture editing.


Only one person in the household could do something like this.

He moved out, so pictures have been replaced by dad.

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