25+ hilarious expectation vs reality pictures that prove trust is fragile

All people want to create things perfectly, however often the success or failure of your attempt to create something unique isn’t determined by the outcome. Check out 30 epic fail expectations Vs reality photos that are hilarious.


Picture she take of her BF vs. pic that he took of her

At least it fits the cat

Thank you, Mr. Pool, really cool


Expectation vs reality


Hope they have a chargeback

No site specified, but ordered anyway

The biggest disappointment I ever seen in my life


Color saturation is no joke

Look how they massacred my poor hedgehog


Espresso Martini done wrong

BIG disappointment for sure


Never trust the pre-packaged food

Luckily, he didn’t tried this out after he applied the band-aid on himself

Ohh, c’mon..

Sponge-bob, what happened to you?

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