25 People Who Can’t Stop Laughing When They See Their Old Photos

All of us probably have at least one old picture that we’re ashamed of. Usually, parents and grandparents keep such photos so they can show them to everyone when they have a chance. But sometimes, it’s really nice to remember when you got your bangs cut right before a photo shoot or decided to put some salami on your face.


Our first family photo. It looks like we stole someone’s kid.

Is double-forehead a thing?

If your mom says you’re cute, don’t believe her.


I really don’t understand why my modeling career didn’t take off.


Emo or Amish? I guess I wa trying to be both at the same time.

90’s glamour

I cut my bangs myself


I hope 80’s don’t come back

So I felt pretty in this photo. Not anymore.


We couldn’t understand why were we single.

Salami monster


In 5th grade, I shaved my head, stopped eating meat, and became a Buddhist.

What is this

What do you think about my transformation?

Why were these bangs considered cool ever?


Me going for a natural smile.

Mom thought it would be a good idea to give me a hair cut before transferring me to a new school. My classmates thought I was a guy for the first week or so.

When you take a nap and wake up 14 hours later in another dimension..

Yes I’m a guy. No, it wasn’t Halloween. No, I don’t know where that dress came from.

I couldn’t afford steampunk goggles, so I just painted the outside of my swimming goggles gold.

How not to take you Myspace profile picture

No comment.

Why didn’t anybody tell me I look like a circusant?

I was a carton of milk for Halloween

I guess I was obsessed with Pokémon.

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