25 Tricky Photos That Require a Second Look

A combination of perfect lighting and being in the right place at the right time can bring out some fantastic “trick” photos!



When you see it.

What a weird hand!

Nice swimsuit, sir.

Hint: It’s a bearded man looking up.

My sister took a Polaroid of the dog in the snow but he blends in too well.


A liquid cat.

Looks like my ex.

Darth Vader

A surprised palm tree.


A toothpaste shaped snake.

Polluting the air.

The bottom of my eraser looks like a painting of birds in front of a row of trees.

Huge pigeons.

Hope it’s just a weird shaped muffin.

A cat with 4 eyes.


This desing is awesome.

Melting ducks

Cookie monster

Even the ice is surprised.

Trump ? Is that you?

Muscular girl

Don’t call the fire team just yet…

Missing his friend.

This statue is perfect. Especially in winter.

Confuse you friends!

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