32 Photos That Will Bring Your Childhood Back

Only 80s and 90s kids can relate to these vivid childhood memories! Nowadays “Remember that?” marathons are all over the web, and they bring us right back to the past.



The coolest kids celebrated their birthdays in McDonald’s

Monopoly was the best game ever.

Pokemon cards were the most importnant thing in our lives.

Everyday routine at school cafeterias.

Everybody had a lunchbox with ninja turtles.


Texting was more original.

Disney VHS tapes were a true treasure chest!

Almost all the dads looked like this in the 90s.

Friends on a Windows video guide.


Remember playing pogs?

You were the hippest kid on the block, if you had a Game Boy!

Ring Pops were a thing!

I see your cafeteria pizza and I raise you Minute Maid Juice Bars

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