33 Wedding Photos Showing Another Side of This Event

All wedding albums look very similar: loving newlyweds, happy guests, and the cutest children. With the same poses, similar subjects, and the same program, we are almost accustomed to seeing twin weddings. But, not everyone keeps the same kind of photos of this important day in their wedding albums.

“If you want to wind up in the same country as your tuxedo, don’t fly Delta Airlines.”

This little boy is all fed up with this wedding thing so he packed up his toys and called a taxi.

When bridesmaids look like a flowerbed:

Who said that wedding photos have to be sensitive and tender?

Be careful with wedding decoration.

Probably the worst thing to happen at this wedding.

A good photographer knows how to choose the ideal time for a shot

No, it’s not the groom. It’s a guy whose task is to scatter flower petals. Haha!

Well that’s an impressive weddign photo.

That photographer had a good humor .

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