8 Facts proving that even the Queen has weird habits

She has numbers for all of her outfits.

Each queen’s outfit has its number and a certain record in a special journal which says where and when she wore this exact outfit. Since the queen prefers bright colors and a classic style in her clothing, the outfits can easily be mixed up. And it’s improper for her to show up in the same outfit or in the same color 2 times in a row.

She never eats soup and potatoes.

Of course, these dishes are served in Buckingham Palace but when the queen has dinner alone no one would dare to bring her soup. As for potatoes, it’s not that she doesn’t like them, she just prefers to avoid starch in her diet.

She loves raspberries but never eats them in public.


Raspberries are one of the queen’s favorite fruits but she can’t eat them in public because their seeds can get stuck in teeth which is unacceptable. Blackberries are also prohibited at official receptions while in cucumbers and tomatoes all seeds are be removed beforehand.

She has a special servant to break her shoes in.


A special female servant with the same shoe size as the queen breaks her new shoes in for her. Although Elizabeth II has preferred similar shoes of the same brand for many years, she still doesn’t want to experience the discomfort that new shoes usually bring.

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