9 Facts About Periods That Turned Out to Be Myths

Did you know that women have around 450 periods in their lifetimes and lose around 2 fl oz of blood each time? By the way, the whole process isn’t that cheap: women spend more than $6000 on hygiene products in total. These are statistics but unfortunately a lot of myths got very popular in the last few years. Today we are here to tell you the truth.

Myth #10: You’re not allowed to take a bath.

Some women think that hot water encourages bleeding, and others are afraid to get an infection. But water won’t ever be able to take that “too far.” A warm bath can be helpful. Hot water improves the work of the blood vessels, relaxes our muscles, and reduces menstrual cramps. So there’s a chance you’ll feel much better after taking a bath. Of course, it’s recommended to wash your bath before you get in, and if you’re still worried, use a tampon.


Myth #9: You’re not allowed to swim in a swimming pool or open water.

First, a tampon or a menstrual cup won’t let water get inside (pads won’t do the trick since they’ll get wet.) Second, swimming, as well as other exercises, reduces pain. Remember that It’s actually not that easy to get an infection in a swimming pool.


Myth #8: Periods synchronize when women live together.

Martha McClintock was the first to write about this feature in her article for Nature in 1971. In her experience, friends, relatives, and roommates have their periods almost 100% synchronized. The reason was because they exchanged certain pheromones that are produced by the female body. Later studies have disproved the link between periods and the frequency of interaction. It turns out she hadn’t considered several factors, and a similar experiment gave absolutely different results.


Myth #7: It’s better to postpone hair dying.

…Otherwise the color won’t spread evenly, and the hair will look scruffy. Internet users claim it happens due to a hormonal imbalance. Scientists were really interested to study this case and they found out that even if during menstruation the hair is more capricious and vulnerable, it doesn’t have any impact on sebum production.


Myth #6: Strong drinks can affect the menstrual cycle.

Drinking too much alcohol has a poor influence on the whole body, not just the reproductive system. If you want to drink a glass of wine or a couple of cocktails during your period, it’s OK. Studies show that moderate drinking doesn’t destroy the menstrual cycle phase and doesn’t affect your health.



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