10 actresses with a non-standard appearance

Our appearance doesn’t always meet generally accepted standards of beauty. At the same time, every woman has a choice: try to make her appearance fit the stereotypes, or love herself and conquer everyone with her charm and charisma. What makes a woman truly beautiful in your opinion?

Check out this list to change your attitude to perfection.


Meril Streep

’My appearance is not the card up my sleeve.’ However, the actress is certainly a true example of elegance, otherwise The Devil Wears Prada wouldn’t have been such a crazy success. At the same time, during the audition for King Kong the producer turned Meryl down because of her appearance. This incident could hardly hurt the actress: one can only envy her self-confidence.


Barbara Streisand

’Everyone is beautiful,’ says Barbra. ’We only need to believe in it sincerely, and then others will believe.’ The classmates who teased Barbra for having slightly squinting eyes and a huge nose would probably never have thought that she would become a global sex symbol. ’Being perfect is boring. That’s why you should cherish your defects — they make you special.’


Winona Ryder


At school Winona was mistaken for a boy, and during auditions she was openly advised not to become an actress, because she ’wasn’t attractive.’ How wrong they were…Winona turned from the supposedly ugly girl into a great actress, having broken a lot of men’s hearts. Including Johnny Depp.


Anne Hathaway

The Princess Diaries accurately depicts her life: from a shy teenager with an ungainly body and a bunch of other drawbacks, her character turns into a real princess. Mind you, her appearance hardly even changed in the movie — but when she changed her attitude to herself, she blossomed. The same thing happened to the actress in real life: when she realized and accepted her drawbacks, she lost her destructive complexes.


Jennifer Lawrence


She has been criticized throughout her life for being too curvy. But she said that ’It’s better to look a little curvy in pictures and look like human, than to look chic on the screen but resemble a skeleton in real life.’ I agree.


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