10 Comics That Show a Tremendous Difference Between the Recent Past and the Present

Our world keeps constantly changing and there is nothing supernatural about it. We feel happy because of one type of change and nostalgic about the others. The main thing for us is to be able to derive experience and wisdom from the past and knowingly use it in the present.



Each generation has its own assistant in bringing up kids.


If earlier you had to personally break up with friends, now you don’t even need to meet them.

We don’t have time at all.

School changed as well.

There are different ways of punishment.


Technology keeps drastically changing too and we can only guess what is waiting for us in the future.

Different things make our pets happy.

The shoe secret has still not been revealed. Either the footwear used to be better before, or the roads have become softer.

Going into nature requires a little bit more time now than just a thermos with hot tea.


There were times when sharing was caring.

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