10 Situations That Reveal How Your Life Changes After Having Kids

The brains of new moms and dads change forever after having kids, but that’s not the only thing that changes. Dirty diapers and spitting up don’t seem to gross you out anymore. You learn how to shower in 30 seconds. And now you can professionally handle a tantrum while grocery shopping.



Ladies, enjoy your “Me Time” while it lasts.

There will be no such thing as privacy for the next 18 years.

Say goodbye to Game of Thrones. Peppa Pig will now become your favorite TV show.

And your capacity to carry weight increases by double.

When it comes to decorating your livingroom your taste in art changes.


No more sleeping in.

4 hours of sleep will be just enough.

Makeovers become more creative, but at least they’re free

A lot of things won’t disgust you anymore.


But you and your bestie will remain inseparable.

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