10+ Trolls Who Wouldn’t Miss a Chance to Show Their Skills

It’s not only about fun, sometimes it’s the only way to attract attention to a certain problem, like the girl who was breastfeeding, or the guy who drew a proper parking spot on the ground. Have a look at our collection, it’ll definitely elevate your mood.

The girl who was breastfeeding was asked to cover herself. So, she covered herself.


“I’ve been waiting 9 months for a coworker to ride his Harley to work so I could do this.”

“My apartment complex hasn’t taken away this light pole since a tornado knocked it over 2 months ago. So I figured…”

My AirPods offer a cleaner sound.

In case of broken glass…


“My neighbors have stick family decals. I bought an extra sticker and they haven’t noticed yet.”

Pilot Lounge is also written in braille…


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