11 Emojis We Have Been Using Wrong Until This Moment

People relate to emojis differently: on one hand, they help express almost any feelings without many words, on the other hand, sometimes we end up not getting the point or the emotion that the person we are talking with was trying to convey to us. Here are the official meaning of some emojis.



Some use it as “high-five”, others as “prayer” but in fact, this is the gesture Japanese people use to ask for forgiveness.

Do you use this emoji as the symbol of a kiss? Well, actually, it’s just a whistle.

That’s not a simple pink ribbon, but the symbol for fighting cancer.

Not only does this emoji symbolize a wish to direct your chat partner’s attention to the things written below, but it also symbolizes being under-the-weather or feeling down.

This is the official sign of respect and being congratulatory.


That’s not a rutabaga as one might think, but a roasted sweet potato

This emoji symbolizes a Japanese dish called kamaboko.

This means “Bam!” When used in chats, it means that your chat partner has lost their temper or crossed the line.

This emoji symbolizes a kiss in an English chat.


This is Tengu – a Japanese demon. It is demonstrating arrogance and complacency and it is a way to hint to your chat partner that they are becoming arrogant.

Everybody thinks that this is a demon , but it actually shows the Japanese ogre, Namahage, which drives evil spirits away.


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