11 Natural Phenomena You Can Only See At a Certain Time of the Year

Rocks traveling on their own, a blooming desert, an alien-looking lake, or the sun that never sets. It may all sound like a setting of a fantasy movie, but it actually happens on our planet depending on the season.



January: Frozen bubbles under Lake Abraham, Alberta, Canada

February: Yosemite Horsetail Firefall (Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, USA)

March: Starling murmurations across the UK

April: Wisteria blooming across Japan

May: Synchronous fireflies (Great Smoky Mountains National Park, USA)


June: Climbing goats in Morocco

July: Midnight sun in Norway

August: Spotted Lake Osoyoos (British Columbia, Canada)

September: Yuncheng Salt Lake (Yuncheng, China)


October: The liquid rainbow of Cano Cristales in Colombia

November: Flowering Atacama Desert in Chile

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