11 Photos Showing How Easy It Is to Trick Us in the Modern World

In the modern world, it’s quite easy to fall prey to the tricks of marketers and influencers. It’s quite sad to realize that you’ve gotten tricked. The people from our compilation have experienced such a thing and even took pictures to warn us about what to watch out for.



Turned out that 768 stickers are just small squares.

Social media vs. reality.

Ordered this hair dye from Amazon. Is it invisible?

So dissapointing.

You liars!


Is it too much to ask for whole slices of tomatoes?

Maybe that’s 1 whole mushroom.

This brownie with 2 m&m’s on it…

This should be illegal


There is more oil than meat.

I work as a delivery man. I had to deliver this to a client — an empty bag from a luxury store.

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