12 Actresses That Played Difficult Roles While They Were Pregnant (Julia Roberts Skillfully Tricked Us)

Shooting a film is a difficult process as it as and when actresses have to play their roles while expecting a baby, that just adds a whole new level of challenges. We are absolutely blown away by these strong women. In some cases, scriptwriters, makeup artists, costume designers, and even cameramen have had to use different tricks in order to not show that an actress is about to become a mom. But in some cases, their pregnancies are exactly what they need in the story.



Gillian Anderson — Her growing belly during the filmong of The X-Files was covered by oversized clothes and good camera angles .

Cynthia Nixon — Miranda from Sex and the City could get pregnant in the show, she didn’t have to hide her big belly.

Lisa Kudrow —Phoebe from Friends got pregnant because the actress was actually pregnant.

Julia Roberts in Ocean’s Twelve played a woman that only pretended to be pregnant, while the actress herself was actually pregnant in real life!

Marcia Cross as Bree in Desperate Housewives  pretends to be pregnant in order to avoid the public shame.


Alyson Hannigan — druing the filming of  How I Met Your Mothershe  managed to get pregnant twice. The first time, her pregnancy was hidden by all means possible (the right clothes and the right camera angles), and the second time, the scriptwriters decided to avoid all the trouble and make Alyson’s Lily Aldrin a happy mother.

Halle Berry — in  X-Men: The Last Stand Storm’s role was reduced, her costume was changed, and in the fighting scenes, the actress was replaced by a stunt double.

Cate Blanchett —in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull she managed to handle all of her difficult stunts and never ended up needing a stunt double.

Penélope Cruz — in Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides even though her belly was still impossible to notice, cameramen had to do more close-ups of the actress to hide any signs that she was pregnant.

Naomi Watts — druring the shooting of Eastern Promises only the costume designer guessed correctly that she was pregnant


Jodie Foster — all the scenes in Panic Room where she had to wear tight T-shirts and do all the difficult stunts were shot at the early stages of her pregnancy.

Keira Knightley — the fact that she was pregnant during Everest was not known even by the crew members.

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