12 Everyday Things That Have a Hidden Purpose

The things that we use every day become such a huge part of our routines that we seldom notice their simplest features. However, look carefully and you may notice that your favorite items have been designed to do much more than you thought.



These tiny buttons are placed on your jeans at areas that are most likely to tear apart from strain or movement.

When placed upside down in the dishwasher, the grooves on your cups allow the water to flow rather than spilling over your feet when you take them out.

Most of you may have hung utensils through the little holes on your pots and pans’ handles. However, these can also be used to hold the spoons while cooking.

The cap has a hole to allow air passage to prevent choking if someone swallows it.

These little pompoms on beanies were introduced to French sailors so that they wouldn’t beat their heads on the ceilings of the ship that were too low.


The slot on a measuring tape can be hung on a nail for measurements, without needing another hand.The slot can be hung on a nail for measurements, without needing another hand.

Most plastic medicine bottles come with childproof lids. However, not many people know that all you need to do is turn them upside down and they’re no longer childproof.

These nylon bristles play with your mind and make you keep your feet away from the escalator’s skirt panels, hence avoiding accidents.

A lot of screwdrivers can be easily slid through a wrench and are used to create more torque.


The little arrow next to the fuel tank sign in your gas gauge depicts which side of the car your fuel tank is on.

The wings on your laptop’s charger can be flipped up to wind the wire, hence keeping it tangle free in your bag.

This little dot is not a flash, it’s a microphone for recording when you’re using the back camera.

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