12 Mistakes cat owners should strictly avoid

Declawing your cat


In many countries, declawing cats’ paws is banned. Under general anesthesia, a cat gets its claws and even phalanxes amputated. Then later on, animals will experience pain while walking. They also won’t be able to jump or climb trees anymore.

Storing food in packaging it didn’t originally come in

The food’s original packaging keeps it from drying out and losing its useful substances. It’s not recommended to put cat food in a different bag or to buy food that is stored in strange packaging.

Using 1 litter tray and 1 bowl for 2 or more cats

If you have 2 or more cats, each of them should have a set of their own “personal belongings” including bowls, beds, toys, litter trays, and so on. Otherwise, one cat will try to dominate the other and they’ll fight every day.

Adopting a cat if you have a fighting dog


A friendship between a cat and a dog is a rather controversial concept, especially if one of them is adopted earlier. Experts claim that there’s a small chance a cat will get along with an old dog or a fighting dog like pit bulls, bulldogs, mastiffs, and so on.

Punishing your cat if it stops using its litter tray

If a pet suddenly stops using its litter tray, its owner faces a real challenge. Perhaps your cat is just angry with you. In this case, you have to find out the reason and resolve the issue. Sometimes it happens if you move to a different home or if a new family member appears (whether it’s a human being or an animal). In either of these cases, there’s no sense in punishing your cat. You simply have to wait until your cat calms down.

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