12 People That Can Find an Original Approach to Any Problem

In order to make your life a little bit more interesting, all you have to do is start to do something unusual in any situation. Just like the folks from this article. Their flexible minds are continuously looking for an opportunity to show off their powers.



Everybody talks about how they’ve lost weight. But my goal was to get fat. And I did it!

My best friend commissioned a painting of his favorite photo of me

A Ph.D. candidate defended her dissertation wearing a skirt she made of rejection letters.

Golden Syrup applicators.

A cowboy hat that doubles as a hard hat.


How to make your bathroom look cooler.

“Forgot the dog leash, so I checked the car for other options.

My son was born today and I couldn’t be there.

How to take a good group photo


You can cross wherever you would like to.

My boyfriend asked me to pick him up from the airport.

Mommy’s little son.


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