12 Photos of the Human-Nature Relationship That Are Crying for Help

Experts define nature’s “mood swings” as a nervous climate. The main reason for such atypical behavior is the overheating of Arctica, causing Greenland’s ice sheets to disappear rapidly. It is happening 2 times faster now than it was 10 years ago.



Abnormal heat makes people adjust to new conditions. The ambient temperature in Arizona reached 120°F, and 130°F in Kuwait.

Abnormal cold in regions where it’s not typical. Iguanas are falling into a state of anabiosis.

It has snowed for 3 years in a row in The Sahara Desert.

A Siberian tiger came out of a forest to find food.Unfortunately, the extermination of forests is another global problem that threatens our world.

Loss of tropical forests in Brazil


A bright billboard drowning in a thick smog in China

Gijón, a city in Spain, is located 100 km from a forest fire. This photo was taken at 10 a.m.

This pink color appeared in one of Russia’s city reservoirs due to the change in the chemical composition of the atmosphere.

An overcrowded beach in Rio de Janeiro


A polar bear dying of hunger on the Arctic Ocean shore

A huge oil spot has formed as a result of an explosion of an oil platform in 2010.

Whales choke on plastic debris.

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