12 Photos Proving That Family Life and Boredom Are Totally Incompatible

Family life is not just about silence and coziness. It is also about the everyday bad things our children do because they need to get rid of all the extra energy they have, and also the funny quirks between husbands and wives who never miss the chance to prank their soulmate.



My wife left my daughter and I alone yesterday morning. She is a real worrywart and I’m an avid Photoshop user

They actually did it.

Girls never forget.

I told my little sister that she can only have one cookie so she baked one.

Had to go to NYC without my wife so I’m sending her pictures of how bad time I’m having.


My girlfriend sent me out for groceries, and like any rational person, I thought that meant go get hats for the dogs. Turns out she was hungry.

How my daugther keeps everyone away so she can have the computer. LEGOS

Never asking him to do the laundry again.

Lunch with a note from my gf.


My daughter is mad and doesn’t want to see any of us

My pregnant wife asked for a small bowl of cereal. I delivered.


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