12 Things We’ve Been Waiting for Forever and They’ve Finally Been Invented

Our world is full of examples of caring services and designs that everyone will want to use right away. Here are some examples.



In UK supermarkets you can get a glass of wine with your lunchtime sandwich

Next level of One pot meals.

An individual workspace in the middle of a busy office, for those who want to work in silence

Dry soap in a hotel bathroom

A perfect remote.


This soap dispenser that you can put a sponge in

This lamp with individual switches you can turn on and off

These light indicate wheter they are occupied or not.

This stroller can be folded within 5 seconds and it won’t take up much space in the car.


Air conditioned room for your dog at a shop.

All the bookworms dreamed about this invention for ages.

This hand cream has dotted rubber edges on its lid so that you can open and close it easily, even with creamy hands.

Which invention is the most useful in your opinion? Share these pics with your friends!




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