12 Times When Things Got an Incredible Twist

Our lives are full of unexpected events, but sometimes the things that happen to us are so wild that we want to scream from the rooftops about them.



When you really don’t want to leave your room but for some reason you have to.

When the hellicopter is the cheapest option.

My mom providing me with news from home.

I noticed my son walking with a case, opening it, checking something, and saying, ‘My precious’ but he wouldn’t show it to me. When I finally got to chance to open it, I was quite dissapointed.

Dad and his empathy.


Met a guy on Tinder who apparently lives in my apartment.

That’s evil.

When you’re extremely bored at work.

Learn the language before you decide to live abroad.


I didn’t know I’m supposed to wear earrings like that.

Our proffesor for today.

Win win situation.

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