13 annoying things people need to stop doing on air planes

They are Over 4 billion people / year, who are travelling by planes. You need to be extremely lucky, to not to met someone, who can turn others flight into a nightmare. If you do met someone, who for example doesn’t care about the other passengers comfort, you are doomed. Unfortunately, there is no escape from a plane mid-flight. We put together a small list of the worst things people were doing on planes, and what people shouldn’t ever consider to do.



Putting their feet on the seats, walls etc.

Non-stop switching the air conditioner.

Wearing shorts.

Falling asleep before take-off, or not paying attention to the flight attendants.

Calling the flight attendants all time time.


Taking your shoes/shocks off.

Hogging the bins.

Using the toilet before take-off.

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