13 Comics That Show What People Who Look Younger Than Their Age Have to Go Through Every Single Day

Some people say age is just a number, while others dread their birthdays as they get older. So you would think that if you look younger than your age, you are very lucky either way. But youth is not all rainbows and butterflies because baby-faced people have their own struggles too!



People always ask for you ID and then assume it’s fake.

Everyone always asks if you’re still in school

And sometimes even facial hair is useless

You only attract younger people.

You’re always mistaken for an intern by new people, when you’re at work.


And when even your sibling looks older than you, it gets a little annoying

Tinder is boring.

When the repairman comes.

People always ask you what are you doing out so late on a school night


People always give you advice.

When your partner looks older too.

You have to work extra hard to be taken seriously.

Salespeople don’t care about you unless you’re with somebody who actually looks like an adult.

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